Monday, May 2, 2011

St. Mary's Day 6

Our final day at St. Mary's was a great closing experience, but also an experience which opened up my horizons to my future physical education students. The theme for today was Star Wars, and the kids knew more about the story than I thought. My group was assigned the PRE K classrooms, and we did a craft and read the children books. The books we read were about space, and then one book about the actual characters in the movie. My knowledge about picking books appropriate for their age groups was further instilled, as the teachers told me I picked great books which had some religious views in it, perfect for a catholic school.
     For the craft, my group member, Brittany made cut outs for the children to glue to a stick, forming a 'Yoda' stick puppet for every student. The students really love crafts. I learned a lot about the instructions I must give to children their age when it comes to making a craft that looks good and will stay together. I learned to hand out only parts of the craft at a time, then had more distributed to keep everything out of control.
     For the closing of the lab we played with a big parachute and the children loved it, I can not wait to have one of them in my future physical education classroom. I learned safety cues should be given before using them, as students may be running into each other underneath. The final activity we did was a giant dance, which involved a couple locomotor movements such as claps, jumps, and high-knee raises. The older kids really took to the dance and it was a great way to show much how we appreciated them having us at St. Mary's. Along with this we also made posters thanking the school for us using their facilities and ability to work with their children. St. Mary's is an awesome school and I will never forget the memories I have had there with all of the wonderful children and teachers and all of the wisdom they have added to my teaching style.Lab 6 Write Up

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