Monday, January 31, 2011

Recognizing Fundamental Skill Development and Assessment

         As I come closer to becoming a physical educator, it's evident children should have certain skills mastered in order to grow into healthy and physically educated adults. Fundamental skill development and assessment is important to the health of future students for several reasons. Every student should be given the opportunity to play, enjoy games, and sports. Through the use of these fun activities, students will take with them a sense of wonder and excitement. The feelings students render from their early experiences will enable and encourage them to take part in a life of healthy fitness and involvement with all types of physical activity. Another reason fundamental skill development and assessment is important to the health of my future students is because it will serve as an outlet for them to channel their energies in a positive direction; away from some overbearing issues brought on by today's society such as obesity, early puberty, and in-school violence. As I will soon become part of this exciting profession, the fundamental skill development and assessment of my students is important to me because it will help keep my students on the right track to success in and out of the classroom. As I previously stated, the skill development and assessment will help gauge my student's lives as they grow into healthy adults; and help them with issues such as obesity, early puberty, and repel them from in-school violence. Having assessments will enable me as an educator gain access to my student's physical state; so I can gauge which direction to take the class in terms of activities. The following is a website where I can view a quality and professional physical education programs' standards Quality professional physical education standards reference.

Elderly enjoying a long, healthy life of physical activity! This photo shows some elderly people enjoying a casual volley on the beach. Enjoying activities such as this one will contribute to a wholesome, enjoyable life.

Choose Healthy Food! This is a perfect and simple picture, displaying some foods you should be eating over greasy fast-food, a large contributor to obesity.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Motor Development

Today in our motor development lab we worked hands-on with children from the St. Mary's School in the city of Cortland. The lab was quite an experience, and a great eye opener for what we're going to be doing for the rest of our lives. Having worked at my local YMCA over the summer, I felt accustomed to the environment and was ready to learn as much as I could about each child. We were able to interact with various age groups which made the experience helpful in pinpointing our interests. I realized the kids from my hometown YMCA really do not differ much at all from the kids at Cortland; they all just are looking to be entertained and have fun. I'm looking forward to a semester with the kids, getting to know them better all while improving and learning new techniques.