Monday, February 7, 2011

St. Mary's Day 1

         My second week at St. Mary's school was just as fun and exciting as the first. The kids seemed to open up a bit more and were easier to talk to, I even started remembering some of their names. My group and I were able to implement our new games by ourselves and the kids really enjoyed playing. Paired with music, there was no stopping the kids from moving about and getting the most out of each of our games. I noticed a difference in the motor behaviors of children of different grade levels, gender and ability. The older students tended to engage in more skillful activities, such as small sided basketball games. The younger students had their attention held by simple games such as tag, and red light, green light, one, two, three (healthy foods version). As far as gender, the boys and girls for the most part tended to be engaged in different activities. While the boys played basketball and soccer, the girls were having fun playing in the mini doll house or jumping rope. The different abilities in the gym seen varied from small kids just learning the basics of jumping and hopping, to kids who were on travel soccer teams and possessed a high level of skill; having a certain skill level definitely influences the student's motor behaviors. Every activity played today had the kids' skills enhanced through the use of a simple stereo and ipod. The addition of music made everyone more excited and eager to play, which is definitely something I'll be using in my gym classes in the years to come. Overall, my second time at St. Mary's was another great eye opener and experience. I can not wait for my next visit in just two weeks!

Lab 1 Write Up          

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